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Ohh La La Las Vegas…Casinos!!!!

Las Vegas is one of the most sought after cities in United States of America. It can even be said Las Vegas makes the United States of America more attractive. This city is also called as resort city with almost all resorts owning a Casino. Las Vegas is the city concentrated with large number of casinos. Casinos are all about entertainment and money. It’s the only place where we can get entertained and at the same time earn or lose money for the entertainment. Contradictorily it can be even said, the only place where we can earn money along with the entertainment. Astonishingly there are some casinos with live environment events such as music, dance, stand-up comedy, concerts and sporting events.

Origin of Casinos

The term Casino is originated from Italian, meaning the house or social club where pleasurable activities like dancing, gambling, music and sports took place. Interestingly the Casinos were originally named as ‘Saloons’ in American history. The saloons were mostly populated with travellers who would love to be entertained by meeting other people for talking, drinking and of course to do some gambling. Even for a brief period of time casinos were banned and outlawed. But in 1931, the gambling was again first legalized in the state of Nevada, currently the place where higher numbers of casinos are located. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the vibrant Las Vegas.

Casinos Structure & Design

Casinos are generally designed with optimized floor plan, décor and ambience which encourage the customers to gamble more psychologically. Factors like music, odor, lighting and even certain scents on gamblers make the place more desirable. Probably that’s one of the reasons why people are crazy about the place. It’s a feast to eyes and brains(by numbing).

Bingo – Game with printed ticket to mark off the numbers on it.

Keno -- Lottery like gambling, with players wager by choosing number from 1 to 80. And player is paid based on the how many numbers were chosen randomly. This is set by the casinos.

Gambling Games

Most of the Casinos have all or some of the below mentioned bingo games that are played for money. Any game played for money can also be played for fun.

Playing it Safe

Now we come to the heart wrenching part of the story. Like I said earlier, the attraction is sometimes fatal. Gambling is all about playing our chances. But somewhere our heart says ‘May odds be in our favor’. Knowing when to stop is the top tip to gamble safely. Gambling is addictive and casinos earns on that addiction. To minimize our chances of being in trouble, it’s always important to know the rules. Some of the pointers are

  • Set limits on money and time

  • Spend money only for fun

  • Don’t gamble when in stress

  • Don’t gamble to recover the loss

  • Don’t borrow to play and recover

  • Don’t chase your losses by making the hole bigger.

  • If you win big, enjoy and relish the moment rather than being greedy.

  • Don’t take credit and bank cards with you.

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